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TAKE BACK YOUR YARD! Protect family, friends, pets, and livestock from the annoyance and threat of mosquitos and other biting insects with a Mosquito Control System. You can do it! IT'S EASY TO INSTALL a mosquito misting system. Save money on hardware, installation, spray concentrate and maintenance, compared to using local providers. We have proven spraying techniques utilized by state and local governments to control MOSQUITOS, FLIES, GNATS, HORNETS, WASPS, YELLOW JACKETS, EARWIGS, FLEAS, TICKS, COCKROACHES, SILVERFISH, SPIDERS, NO SEE-UMS, and MOST OTHER NUISANCE INSECTS. Outdoor mosquito control systems can be programmed to spray automatically WHEN & WHERE YOU NEED IT for backyard, pool area, patio, barn, stable or other problem areas. We also offer effective mosquito spray types that have been deemed extremely safe for residential use. We all want our family and friends safe from mosquitos and the pest control products used to keep them out of our yards! Pyrethrum (a natural extract from chrysanthemums known as "nature's insecticide"), Permethrin (synthetic Pyrethrum), and our new, non EPA regulated, natural botanical oil based spray. These work in two ways. They knock down and kill insects caught in the spray, and repel migrating insects to keep them away. Have a nicer time outdoors by protecting your outdoor living area and friends from those pesky pests!

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