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Mist & Cool MC540 Pet Misting System

    Mist & Cool MC540 Pet Misting System

    Item#: MC540
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    Product Description

    Mist & Cool MC540 Pet Mister Low Pressure Misting Line System 1/4" 4 Nozzle/8 Ft

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    Keep your pets cool & happy this summer! AVAILABLE IN BAGS ONLY, SAME KIT BUT NO LONGER IN BOXES. It's that time of the summer when it is getting a little unbearable for our outdoor pets! Help is on the way! Our misting systems reduce outdoor temperatures up to 25Ί using only a few gallons of water an hour. We offer a variety of misting systems, including
    this low pressure, 4-nozzle, portable pet cooling kit designed to inexpensively
    cool dog runs, kennels, hutches and other small pet areas.

    This American made, Mist & Cool MC540, 1/4" Low-Pressure, Portable, Pet Misting System features:

    • 18' of 75 PSI pressure rated UV resistant poly tubing

    • 1 spigot/garden hose adapter & filter washer

    • 3 mister tees

    • 1 misting elbow

    • 4 Composite misting nozzles

    • 4 Spring-loaded clamps

    • 1 year warranty against defects and workmanship

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