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Automist Replacement Nozzle Hago Style Filter Spray Tips

    Automist Replacement Nozzle Hago Style Filter Spray Tips

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    Product Description

    Mosquito System Replacement Nozzles Hago Style Filter Spray Tips

    This Mosquito Misting System Replacement Hago Style Nozzle Spray Tip Package has a sintered bronze filter. These come in sets of 5 only, per our supplier. This replacement nozzle tip replaces clogged or damaged nozzles for your Mosquito control system. Most nozzles do need cleaning over time or need to be replaced. This nozzle can be taken apart and you can blow out the housing with compressed air. You can also soak clogged nozzle parts in a lime/calcium remover to help loosen the debris. We don't recommend leaving the nozzle parts soaking overnight. If your unit has been standing for a long time your nozzles may have some dried liquid solution at the tip and this can be removed by scraping the tip with a sharp razor blade.

    Parts Image for filter:

    Also make sure you replace your pump filter once a year and using a water filter on your hose will help remove debris from your line too! We do sell a polyphosphate hose end filter on our site under our misting parts. It is part MC601.

    This is a High Quality Nozzle offers Superior Performance, and Reliability.

    • Replacement Nozzle with Filter for Standard Nozzle Assemblies.

    • This is an excellent replacement choice for your mosquito misting system with high quality inner parts.

    With hundreds of thousands installed, we know they're a great nozzle!

    Feel free to call us toll free to place your order 1-888-446-7227 or order online! We can also answer any questions you may have.

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