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Automist Replacement Nozzle Straight Hago Assembly

    Automist Replacement Nozzle Straight Hago Assembly

    Item#: 15136-6
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    Product Description

    Automist Mosquito Misting Replacement Nozzle Straight Hago Style Assembly HagoStraight 15136-6

    • This Straight Hago Style Nozzle Assembly is used in areas where a loop of tubing may not be needed or available. Branching off of a main feed line to supply a straight nozzle offers the flexibility to reach areas that might be out of the way.

    • This high quality replacement nozzle is an excellent choice for your mosquito misting system.

    • Made of high quality inner parts which makes it easier to clean and longer lasting than your less expensive nozzles.

    • It is the top of the line misting nozzle for mosquito misting systems.

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