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Easy Do-It-Yourself Mosquito Control System Installation

Please call us for more information on installation of your Mosquito Control System.

With one of our anybody-can-do-it, mosquito control system kits, YOU CAN install a system yourself AND SAVE MONEY! Many companies install these systems for much more.

Decide the length of system you will need by determining where you will put the tubing line of nozzles. All you need is a pencil (or pen) and a sheet of paper, a tape measure, a crescent wrench, a tube cutter and a hammer (if attaching the feed and mist lines to nailable structures like a walls, eaves or fences). You will run this tubing from your mosquito misting tank and place nozzles from 7'-10' apart. We sell our systems by nozzle number, so if you need to mist 100' of your outdoor area, you can order a 10 or 15 nozzle kit. Nozzles should be placed in and around shrubbery as this is where mosquitos breed. You will then set your timer to spray at times like dusk and dawn, or whenever mosquitos are worse in your area. Selections for systems also come with a Remote and you can also manually spay as needed! Vector Ban Plus is a great and safe product to use in your tank. It is our most popular Mosquito Misting System liquid. Safe to use near water and children make it a go-to product!

So, take back your patio, deck or yard today and enjoy the outdoors this spring & summer.

Call us at 1-888-446-7227 and we will help you with any questions or concerns!