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Oscillating Misting Fan by Luma Comfort 26" MF26B

    Oscillating Misting Fan by Luma Comfort 26" MF26B

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    Product Description

    Luma Comfort Misting Fan 26" Oscillating MF26B

    This Luma Comfort Misting Fan provides a temperature drop of 30 to 45 Degrees!

    The Luma Comfort MF26B is easily one of the most powerful portable misting fans on the market. By combining a high pressure centrifugal misting system with a powerful blower fan, this misting fan offers fabulous performance. Heavy-gauge, anti-corrosive metal construction makes this fan ideal for commercial, industrial, agriculture and agriculture use. This Luma MF26B comes only in black. No hose needed, it comes with a tank that holds 4.4 gallons of water and runs 5 hours on high. Keep Cool! This is a best seller!

    This Luma Comfort, 26" Oscillating Misting Fan (MF26B) benefits:

    • Oscillating Fan Covers up to 1,000 sq. ft.

    • Centrifugal misting system eliminates the problem of clogged nozzles

    • Quiet, high-efficiency fan motor provides a temperature drop of 30-45 degrees

    • Adjustable misting flow with fully-insulated seal around the pump

    • Adds moisture to dry environments

    • 5-hour maximum run time on high with a 4.4 Gallon Tank


    • Black

    • 17.3" x 26" x 76.6"

    • 89 lbs

    • 110V-120V / 60 Hz / 287W

    • 3 Fan Speeds 1400/1500/1700 RPMs

    • Noise Level (dB) 68/69/72

    • One Year Warranty

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