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For Our Customers Who Purchase Patio Comforts Mist Cooling System Design Form

Unsure about what misting system is right for you? Or about installing the system yourself? We can help. We provide system design for Our Customers. If you are serious about a pressurized mist cooling system and would like us to design and price a custom do-it-yourself system for OUR OWN Patio Comforts Customers, please complete the form below and click "SUBMIT" to send it to us. We can normally get back to you with pricing options within 4-5 business days and if you proceed with one of the quoted systems, we will package and ship a custom kit with everything you need for easy installation, right to your door.

Custom Design Form

Full Name
Zip Code
Email Address

2) Description of the area to be cooled (i.e. Outdoor Patio, Gazebo, Cabana, Pool Area, etc.)

3) Please provide the information requested below:

  • Width & Length of the area to be cooled? (in feet)
  • Number of open sides on the perimeter of the area? (i.e. a covered patio or deck attached to a house could have 1 to 3 open sides / a free-standing area or structure would probably have 4 open sides)
  • Total length of all open sides? (in feet)
  • Height at which the misting system will be hung? (i.e., height of the eaves or overhang above the area)(in feet) Height:
  • Distance from pump location to the first jet in the mist line? (as the feed line will be routed from the pump to the first nozzle) (in feet)
  • What material will the misting line or misting fans be attached to? (i.e., wood, stucco, masonery, etc.)
  • Type of system preferred? (misting line system, misting fan system, or combination mist line and misting fan system)
  • If you selected a mist line or combination line and fan system above, please indicate the type of mist line material you prefer? (flexible nylon, stainless steel, copper, or powder coated stainless steel)
  • If you selected a misting fan or combination line and fan system above, please indicate the size fan(s) you prefer and whether they should be fixed or oscillate?
  • Quiet pump or economy pump? (An economy pump can save money if it can be located where pump noise is not an issue, like with air conditioning or pool equipment)
  • Typical temperature and humidity? (to help determine the best pump and nozzle combination)
  • What will the area to be cooled typically be used for? (to determine if you will need a mid, or high pressure system. For some locations, like around a pool, a little wetness may be acceptable and a mid-pressure system will work. In others, like a dining area, you will probably prefer no wetness and a high pressure system is the right solution.)

4) If possible, please send us a simple sketch (or building plans) with all open sides and dimensions indicated, and photos of area to be cooled by clicking HERE and attaching them to the email that appears.

With the above information, we can determine the type of system and the number of misting heads and/or misting fans needed to most efficiently cool the area.

We can also determine the correct pump, the amount and kind of misting line, and all the proper fittings and mounts needed to complete your system.