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Mist & Cool PVC Low Pressure Misting System

    Mist & Cool PVC Low Pressure Misting System

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    Product Description

    Mist & Cool 40' Low Pressure Misting Line System 1/2" PVC (Buy Your Own PVC), 20 Nozzle

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    Our misting systems reduce outdoor temperatures up to 25Ί using only a few gallons of water an hour. We offer a variety of misting systems, including this Low Pressure, PVC Misting System. You buy your own 1/2" PVC (schedule 40 or 80) and a little PVC cement and build a long-lasting custom misting system to fit your facility.

    This American made, Mist & Cool, Design-Your-Own, 1/2" PVC, Low Pressure, Misting Kit includes:

    • 5 Micron Sediment Filter with poly-phosphate element to keep nozzles clean

    • 1/2" PVC to 3/4" Hose Thread Hook-up

    • 20 Mister Tees with Brass Nozzles (THIS SYSTEM REQUIRES A MINIMUM OF 45 PSI OF WATER PRESSURE!)

    • 20 Mounting Clips (1/2")

    • 1/2" PVC End Cap

    • PVC Pipe and Cement are NOT INCLUDED.


    • FULLY EXPANDABLE - Up to 42 nozzles (84 feet) at 70 psi of household water pressure.
    See our "1/2" PVC Misting Tees with Nozzles (5 Qty) MC11205" on the "Misting Accessories" page.

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