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Riptide with PBO Insect Control Spray

    Riptide with PBO Insect Control Spray

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    Product Description

    Riptide with PBO Insect Control Spray Concentrate 55 Gallon Refill

    This 1/2 Gallon of 5% Pyrethrum Concentrate (Pyrethrin w/PBO) makes 55 Gallons when mixed with water as instructed. That's 1 Pyrethrum refill for a 55 gallon unit.

    Pyrethrum is a natural, botanical insecticide produced primarily from the flowers of Tanacetum cinerariaefolium, which is a species of the chrysanthemum plant family. It is found mainly in tiny oil-containing glands on the surface of the seed case in the tightly packed flower head and is the plant’s own insecticide that has evolved to keep insects away.

    Pyrethrum is made up of six complex chemical esters known as pyrethrins which work in combination to repel and kill insects. Pyrethrin has been used effectively to control insects for decades. It decomposes rapidly in the environment, making it an excellent choice for controlling pests.

    Pyrethrum is commonly used as a post harvest treatment for fruits and vegetables especially during shipment and is popular as a non-residual household insecticide spray. It has been extensively studied from a toxicology viewpoint and is low in acute toxicity to humans and other vertebrate animals, is non-carcinogenic, and causes no adverse reproductive affects.

    PBO (Piperonyl Butioxide) is an emulsifiable synergist for use in combination with insecticides, especially synthetic pyrethroids, to overcome resistance that pests develop with constant use.

    PBO restores activity against resistant strains of pests. It acts by inhibiting naturally occurring enzymes that would otherwise degrade its effectiveness. PBO breaks through the insect's defense and its synergistic activity makes the insecticide more powerful and effective.

    PBO effectively reduces the cost per gallon of spray solution by allowing the applicator to use less active ingredient.

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