Residential Mosquito Control Systems Effectiveness

Over the years, Automist has crafted its mosquito control systems to be simple, reliable and effective. All Automist mosquito control systems use quality components, simple installation techniques, and highly effective sprays.

From a small patio to a large estate - Automist Systems aid in creating a pleasant insect-free atmosphere.

Automist Systems work as simple as 1 - 2 - 3.
A pump, timer and reservoir assembly provide liquid output.
Nozzles and tubing are placed in strategic locations.
Safe - effective water based sprays.

Automist Systems are so versatile they can be installed conveniently at the time of new construction, when additions are added or in already existing areas to effectively reduce insect populations - automatically.

A Multitude of Applications
Automist Systems create an environment where insects do not interfere with outdoor activities.

Yards are just one popular area for automatic insect control. Patios, porches, gardens and courtyards are just the beginning. Outdoor restaurants and cafes, tennis courts, golf courses and parks can also enjoy the benefits.

Pyrethrin and Permethrin
These two insecticide ingredients are extremely effective against flying and crawling insects yet safe for use around people and pets.

Over the years we've learned that rotation between the two often can yield the best results. When used with PBO (Pipernyl butoxide), increased effectiveness, faster knockdown and lowered resistance are common advantages.

Automist Systems can help aid in the control of diseases carried by insects and parasites.

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