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High Pressure Misting Fans are the most effective mist cooling systems available. Our misting fans combine evaporative cooling (misting) with convective cooling (moving air) to create a windchill effect for maximum cooling (up to 30+ degrees).

They create enough pressure (700+ psi) to push water through tiny nozzle orafices, to create droplets small enough to evaporate before reaching and wetting the surroundings. Thereby, eliminating the wetness inherent in low and mid-pressure fans.

High pressure fans are the choice for all social settings where wetness is not acceptable. The fans that you see in restaurants, amusement parks, sports venues, etc. are high pressure fans.





List Price: $2,700.00
You Pay: $2,500.00

List Price: $2,499.00
You Pay: $1,999.00

List Price: $3,200.00
You Pay: $2,789.00

List Price: $6,999.00
You Pay: $5,599.00

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Great News this week at Patio Comforts! We now have the Maintenance Kits for your Cool Breeze Golf Cart Evaporative Cooler Top! My editor is working on putting them on our website, however you can call me NOW, and I will place the order for you. The Maintenance Kit without the pump is $89. plus $10 shipping. The Maintenance Kit with Pump is $129. plus $12 to ship. Your Cool Breeze Maintenance Kit will usually ship the next day!
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