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Spring is on the horizon and it is time to consider how you will keep cool in the coming hot months ahead. Patio Comforts offers very efficient and easy do-it-yourself High Pressure Misting Line Systems. With choices between Stainless Steel, Copper or Nylon Misting line, there is something for every type of outdoor application. High Pressure Misting Systems are he best and "Right" way to cool people as a high pressure misting pump forces water through the line with enough pressure to produce fine particles of mist and less residual moisture in your environment. Anyone can do it and we pay the shipping for you on all of our Misting Line Systems. We offer FREE PERSONAL CONSULTATIONS TO HELP YOU SELECT THE "RIGHT" System for your application and space and we are happy to take your call!

It's also time to add a Patio Fire Pit to your outdoor living area! We offer many styles of Outdoor Patio Fire Pits from Sojoe and Patina as well as Asia Direct and Uniflame. We have a good variety of both propane and wood burning Fire Pits along with our New BlueRhino Citronella Tabletop Firebowl. This item is fueled with Citronella and sure to help with those pesky mosquitos! With our many styles of Fire Pits, you are sure to find a style to suit your outdoor decor.

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If you are building your own outdoor fire pit, we have the perfect fire pit screen for you from Asia Direct. In 4 sizes, you are sure to find one to fit your application! Available in 24", 28", 32" and 40" diameters these fire pit screens sell out fast because they are hard to find! Easy access open and close, order yours today! You can find them in the Outdoor Fire Pit section or Parts and Accessories section on our website.
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