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Custom Boat Misting Systems

Patio Comforts Mist Cooling System Design Form

Custom Designed, Mist Cooling Systems for Boats

Unsure about which mist cooling system is right for your boat? Or about installing the system yourself? Want an elegant, top-of-the-line system, with maximum cooling and no wetness? We can help.

We provide custom system design and installation consultation, FREE OF CHARGE for our customers. We'll make sure that you get the right system, with exactly the right components, for easy installation and a refined, "Built-In" look.

Our high-pressure, Misters Unlimited, mist cooling systems for boats start at $1398.98.

They utilize only marine grade components such as titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and brass, and offer a variety of unique flush mount and recessed misting fixtures, to create a one-of-a-kind "out-of-sight" solution . . . even when retrofitted.

Misting jets can be incorporated into lighting, tubular frameworks, canopies, walls, and overheads, with fully concealed installation, to cool almost anywhere above deck. And our compact, 1000 psi pumps, combined with mist jets as small as .004", provide maximum cooling without wetness.

If you are serious about a high-pressure, mist cooling system for your boat, and would like us to design and price a custom, do-it-yourself, system for you FREE OF CHARGE, please complete the form below and click "SUBMIT" to send it to us. You may also print, complete and FAX the form to us at 512-261-6430 or mail it to: Patio Comforts, PO Box 340281, Austin, TX 78734.

We can normally get back to you with pricing options in less than 24 hours and WE WILL MATCH OR BEAT ANY LEGITIMATE COMPETITOR'S PRICING ON AN IDENTICAL SYSTEM.

If you proceed with one of the quoted systems, we will provide the system parts list and installation details, then package and ship a custom kit with everything you need for easy installation, right to your door.

Custom Design Form

1) Your name, zip code, and phone number and/or email address: (We do not share information with anyone.)

Full Name Zip Code

Telephone Email Address

2) Description of the area of your boat to be cooled

3) Please provide the information requested below about your boat:

  • Width & Length of the area to be cooled? (in feet)
    Width: Length:
  • Number of open sides on the perimeter of the area to be cooled?
  • Total length of all open sides? (in linear feet)
  • Is the area to be cooled covered?
  • If covered, what is the total length of all open sides of the cover? (in linear feet)
  • Height at which the misting jets will be hung? (i.e., height of the overhead above the area if the area is covered)(in feet) Height:
  • Distance from pump location to the first nozzle in the mist line? (as the feed line will be routed from the pump to the first nozzle) (in linear feet)
  • What material will the misting line and fixtures be attached to? (i.e., fiberglass, wood, metal, etc.)
  • Type of nozzle fixtures preferred?
  • Nozzles and fittings material preferred?
  • Color of tubing preferred? (White, Black or Green)
  • Premium pump or economy pump? (Our premium pump has many desirable features for an additional $500.00.)
  • Pump Power Preferred?
  • Typical temperature and humidity in your area? (to help determine the best nozzle size)
4) If possible, please send us photos and a simple sketch (or plans) of area to be cooled, with all hanging structure, open sides and dimensions indicated, by clicking HERE and attaching them to the email that appears. You may also FAX them to 512-261-6430.

With the above information, we can determine the number and type of misting fixtures, the correct pump, the amount and color of tubing, and all the proper fittings and mounts needed to complete your system.