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Infratech Outdoor Heating System

Infratech Commercial Outdoor Heater Flush Mounts and Pole Mounts

Infratech Outdoor Radiant Heaters can be mounted in very stylish ways! The most popular and sleek way to mount these heaters is to Flush Mount them as shown in the image above. We already know that Infratech Heaters provide clean, radiant heat and that is why they are so popular. Flush Mount Kits can be ordered to fit your Infratech Heater and are easily mounted in your ceiling with minimal depth requirements of 8". Our attachment for the Flush Mount Frame Installation tells you every thing you need to know! Builders who have purchased these for new home construction have also mounted them underneath bead board or their given ceiling material. All you have to know for this is that the ceiling material needs to be cut so that it does not cover the vent holes in the flush mount. It must be clear by only 1/2". Easy and sleek, flush mounting is very popular. These Flush Mont Frames can also be custom coated in standard colors options of black, bronze, beige almond and white. We also have access to Dry-Lac colors which take a bit longer, but we can virtually match almost any color in the rainbow!! Pole Mounts are also available and can be viewed in this section. These are popular for restaurants and areas where there is no place to mount the heaters. Whatever your need, we are here to help and we can assist you in choosing any of these items. We want you to choose the correct item for your application, so give us a call 512-494-5450.