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Infratech Flush Mounts & Pole Mounts

Infratech heaters offer the most mounting options in the industry, including stainless steel brackets that come on the heaters for wall and ceiling mounting, pole mounts, and stainless steel flush mounts (39" and 61.25" heaters only). Many builders are incorporating these flush mounted heaters in their design build to create stunning visual outdoor living spaces. They can also be installed under ceiling material for a discrete built-in appearance. Infratech outdoor wall mounted heaters and ceiling mounted heaters are efficient and provide the type of warmth we all enjoy on a cool evening outside! Operating at minimal costs and Made In the USA, make these even more appealing. Infratech is our highest selling brand in the last 14 years!

If you would like to "Custom Coat" the Flush Mount for your Infratech Heater, keep in mind that you do not have to also coat the heater. The Infratech Heater will sit inside the Flush Mount and you will only be able to see the silver "face" of the heater, so there is no need to Custom coat it too! Mounting clearance requirements are minimal allowing flush mountings with shallow cavities and the Flush Mount Diagram tells you everything you need to know to install it!

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