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Infratech Outdoor Heaters and Propane Patio Heaters

Infratech Outdoor Electric Radiant Heaters, Natural Gas & Propane Heaters

ALL Standard Heaters & Controls Custom Controls and Custom Colors can take 8-10 weeks.

We pay California Sales Tax for our California Customers who purchase Infratech Heaters!

When it's cold outside in your part of the country and you are thinking about Infratech or Solaira Outdoor Radiant Heaters for your patio or outdoor living area.
You ask yourself 3 questions:
• Which heaters are right for my space?
• How many heaters do I need?
• Which Controls do I need for my heaters?
• How high can I mount them?

FOR OUR CLIENTS Please fill out our Outdoor Heating System Design Form to take advantage of our CUSTOMER Free System Design.

We can help you decide! We do have an 2-4 WEEK SHIP time on HEATERS and Heater parts an take longer. We will keep you up to date each week on the progress of your order! Our Outdoor Infratech Electric Radiant Heaters produce infrared, radiant heat (like the sun) that warm people and objects instead of the air. Traditional heaters heat air, which then rises, taking most of the warmth with it. With brands like Infratech, Solaira, Aura and Patio Comfort we can help you find an outdoor heater to suit your space! Infratech Heaters are our top selling electric radiant heater and only cost pennies per hour to operate. They can be custom coated to match your outdoor decor. Five custom colors are offered. If you have a special color in mind that we do not offer, please give us a call. Infratech also has a great propane heater which goes by our e-commerce store name, Patio Comfort! We know which heaters will work best for your space.
Are you building a new home? Have your builder call us to discuss custom controls on outdoor heaters. These controls can be incorporated into your Smart Home Management Systems. Outdoor patio heaters are a great way to take the evening chill off, especially for our coastal customers! Whatever your needs for outdoor heating, we offer a great selection of the top outdoor products in the industry.

We encourage you to GIVE US A CALL 512-494-5450 to discuss your options. We can help! We have years of experience with our products and are always here to answer your questions.

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