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Outdoor Misting Systems

Aeromist Misting Systems for All Outdoor Cooling Applications

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Patio Comforts has some of the best outdoor cooling systems and affordable misting fans available to cool all of your outdoor living spaces.

-Give us a call and we can ask the RIGHT questions to help you choose the RIGHT system and we can customize it for you, so that you do not purchase parts that you do not need!

-We also now carry the Affordable Misting Fans!

-Patio Misting Systems are super easy to install yourself We have outdoor Misting systems for just about any application.

-We carry replacement nozzles and polyphosphate filters which are so helpful in filtering out those particles of sediment that can clog your systems. Call us with any questions and we can help you with a customized outdoor misting system today!

You can also Email photos of your outdoor living area and give us a few dimensions to help us find the best and most economical solution for your outdoor space.

Doing it yourself (or having a handy person do it for you) will save a CONSIDERABLE amount of money on hardware, installation, and maintenance, compared to local providers. It's easy!
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