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Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Heating

Selecting heaters for your outdoor patio or living area is easier than you might think!

Answers from Christy's Desk about our INFRATECH OUTDOOR HEATERS:

Here are some common questions about our Best Selling Infratech Outdoor Heaters which are

1. How do I know which heater to pick for my space? Selecting the right heater is easy but often our customers call us with questions and details about their space so we can help them. That is what we are here for and we can help you fine tune those choices so that you select the right ones! Decide how much "space" you want the heaters to cover?

2. Then, determine your mounting height and how you would like to mount them. Our Infratech heaters come with their own wall/ceiling mount or you can also choose to flush mount them. This is a stylish way to install the heaters without the "obvious" heater look! Infratech makes flush mounts made especially for their heaters and offer a great cad drawing as a guide. Everything you need to know is on the CAD drawing. This attachment can be found on the Heater Mounts listing on this site.

3. Can my heaters be painted? Yes, we offer Custom Coatings for your heaters. This takes from 2-3 weeks. Often they ship sooner. You can choose from the Standard Custom Coatings of Almond, Beige, Black, White or Bronze. They also come in Stainless Steel. Custom Coated Heaters are not returnable and as a side note, we have NEVER had a return of our heaters!

4. If I am going to flush mount the heater and also want to Custom Coat, do I have to custom coat both heater and the flush mount? No, you would only custom coat the flush mount "frame". The heater will be recessed, so you will only see the "face" of the heater, which cannot be coated.

5. What if I live in pretty cold weather? You should always choose heaters that offer a greater square foot of coverage in cold climates and with outdoor spaces that are open on all sides. For instance if you have a 8' x 8' space you want to heat and live in a cold climate, you will want to select a heater that offers greater coverage, for instance a heater that offers 10' x 10'. Each of our Infratech heater items indicates the square footage coverage for each particular heater.

6. How do I know how high to mount my heater? Each Infratech heater indicates the mounting height for that particular heater in the item listing.

7. So, does that mean I need to know my mounting height and square footage to be covered in order to select a heater? Yes.

8. What else do I need to know? You need to know your available voltage. Most of the Infratech Heaters come in 240V. 208V, 277V & 480V are also available as special order. If you are unsure, ask your certified electrician. Infratech heaters are ordered for you and made in your particular Voltage, so knowing your available voltage is VERY important!

9. What does Infratech WD mean? "WD" means it is a Dual Element heater. It comes with 2 Heating Elements instead of one. These are great for versatility with heat output. With this heater you can control them at full power or half power! The heaters with "W" mean only one element.

10. How do I control these Infratech Heaters? We offer very nice controls! You can use a simple "on/off" switch for all of the heaters. Or, you can use a "variable" switch for heaters with lower wattages like the 120 Volt Heaters up to 1800 Watts or the single element heaters up to 3000 Watts. You cannot use a variable control for heaters with higher wattages than 3000.

11. Can you come to do the installation? No, we leave the installation up to Certified Electricians of your choice! Since we are an e-commerce store in Austin Texas, we don't live near many people who need heaters like those of you all around the country! Infratech recommends using a certified electrician for any electrical installation.

12. What kind of clearance do I need from the heaters? Good question. Infratech heaters are very safe. You need 36" clearance from the face of the heaters and 18" from the sides of the heaters to any wall or flammable items. Other than that they are super safe and effective! Mounting them at the required height and choosing the correct heater for your space is the best way to safely select our heaters. Remember, we can and want to help you make your choices.

13. Do you have any fancy controls? Yes, we have Solid State Controls for our Infratech Heaters. If you want to have the most controllability for your heaters, this is the way to go. You can place different heaters on Zones as well as Timers. This is the only way to exactly control the temperature and fine tune it to your needs. These are a little more costly than our regular controls, but many customers with multiple heaters and multiple zones have found this the perfect solution.

14. I am from California, I heard you pay our Sales Tax? Yes, because Infratech is made in California, someone has to pay the Sales Tax when an item is made or sold in the same state to which it is shipped, so as an added bonus for our California customers, we pay the California Sales Tax.

This covers a lot of questions, but we love our customers to call us! We are "people, people" and always enjoy being part of your selection. We also love to see the final installation! We have received some very nice compliments and many happy customers!

Happy Heater Selection! It's not too soon to start thinking about the cooler Fall months ahead! Call Us 512-494-5450 for advice!

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Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to helping create the RIGHT outdoor heating solution for your business, residence or activity!