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Infratech 14-4300 Duplex Heater Control

    Infratech 14-4300 Duplex Heater Control

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    Infratech Duplex Heater Control Single In Wall Box and Plate 14-4300

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    This duplex switch is an economic alternative to control:

    - ONE Infratech 240 volt DUAL ELEMENT heater to 8000 total watts (4000 watts per element).

    - OR TWO of the W-Series, SINGLE ELEMENT Heaters

    14-4300 consists of 2 switches, one to turn each heater element on or off. This provides Off, Half Power, or FULL Power control. It includes a gang box and a stainless steel wall plate.

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    Infratech offers a wide variety of control options for maximum versatility, energy efficiency, affordability, and ease of use. They are available in attractive in-wall models, with stainless steel wall plates, as well as all-weather units with protective covers.

    Systems can be controlled with simple, value-priced, input regulators (to 3000 watts per element / 2 element heaters to 6000 total watts); duplex switches with "On/Off/Half/Full" functionality (for dual element WD series heaters to 8000 total watts); or sophisticated, solid-state controls for infinite control of larger heating systems (to 36,000 watts) or systems with more complex zoning requirements (to 9,000 watts per zone).

    For systems with more than 2 heaters, we suggest the use of the solid-state controls. They offer the options of multiple heating zones and timers, provide infinite variable output control, and can be incorporated into the most sophisticated EMS and automated home management systems.


    14 4300 - Single, In-Wall, Duplex Switch (Two Single Pole Single Throw Switches), 240 Volt, 20 Amp per Pole, 4000 Watts Max per Pole, Off/Half/Full Power Control, Includes Gang Box and Stainless Steel Wall Plate, for Outdoor Protected Areas

    • Available in 208 Volt (Max 3000 Watts per Pole), 220 Volt (Max 3000 Watts per Pole), and 277 Volt (Max 4000 Watts per Pole) (Special Order)

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