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Solaira Alpha H2 SALPHA2-30240-L1B Candel Series Outdoor Heater

    Solaira Alpha H2 SALPHA2-30240-L1B Candel Series Outdoor Heater

    Item#: SALPHA2-30240-L1B
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    Product Description

    Solaira Alpha Series H2 3000-4000W Candel Outdoor Electric Quartz Radiant Heater - SALPHA2-30240-L1B

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    The Solaira Alpha H2 Candel Heaters are Solaira's most powerful and versatile, LOW LIGHT, electric radiant outdoor heaters.

    They are engineered for commercial and industrial applications and use short wave, infrared heating technology, that converts 92% of consumed energy to instant, controllable, directional, radiant heat. Heat that warms people, objects and things, not the air, and is not affected by wind or drafts.

    The modular design of the Solaira Alpha H2 Heaters allows custom configuration, to provide the right heating solution, for almost any outdoor space. And its sleek, modern design allows it to be incorporated unobtrusively almost anywhere.

    Alpha Series Heaters are engineered to meet the IP24 standard for water spray, so they can be installed in both wet (outdoor) or dry (indoor or outdoor) conditions.

    For more information, please click or download the product information under "Product Literature" below.

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    Low Light Candel Series with lower glow from the bulbs.

    • Commercial/industrial grade

    • Long Life Commercial emitter (5000 hr. / up to 5 times the life of some radiant heater emitters / saves more than the cost of the heater in a single emitter life)
    (Click HERE to Order Solaira Alpha Replacement Emitters.)

    • Sleek, compact, scratch resistant, hard wearing, powder coated, aircraft aluminum body and mounting brackets

    • Stainless steel mounting hardware

    • Available in 3000 and 4000 watt, 240 volt units (with 6 ft cord for hard wiring) (Please choose from pull-down menu above the "Add to Cart" button)

    • Waterproof and certified for outdoor or indoor areas and wet or dry conditions

    • Modular design for maximum flexibility in configuration

    • Can be mounted on walls or ceilings (maximizes floor space with no storage of bulky propane gas bottles)

    • Can be installed individually or in tandem for up to 18,000 watts of Solaira Heat (see/download mounting options under "Product Literature" below)

    • 92% energy conversion with no Co2 or NOX emissions

    • Low operating cost of approximately 18’ per 48 hrs (based on electricity cost of 12’/kW hour)

    • Variable controller available

    • Produces instant heat with no initial warm up time

    • Provides reliable heat source that won't blow away or fail to start

    • Silent and odorless operation with no products of combustion

    • Coverage 12’ X 12’ when mounted at 10’

    • Warranty - 2 years on fixture / 1 year on heat emitter bulb


    • 5000 hour emitter life (The emitter is included and can be replaced, sold seperately)
    (Click HERE to Order Solaira Alpha Replacement Emitters.)

    • IP23/65 rated Rain and snow proof

    • Powder coated, formed metal body

    • Minimum mounting height: 10 ft.

    • Minimum clearance above: 1 ft.

    • Weight: 12.3 lb

    • Size: Width 32 in. / Height 9 in. / Depth 6 in. (w/bracket 11 in.)

    • Certification: cCSAus (UL2021), CE approved

    • Model SALPHA2-30240-L1B - 3000 Watt / 240 Volt / 12.5 Amp with 6 ft. Power Cord, plug NOT included (direct wired heater) Terminal box is included

    • Model SALPHA2-40240-L1B - 4000 Watt / 240 Volt / 16.66 Amp with 6 ft. Power Cord, plug NOT included (direct wired heater) Terminal box is included

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