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Aeromist 18" Low Pressure Misting Fan AM-67018-Ring

    Aeromist 18" Low Pressure Misting Fan AM-67018-Ring

    Item#: AM67018-Ring
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    Product Description

    Aeromist 18" Outdoor Misting Fan with NozzlesA<67018-Ring

    This 18" non-oscillating Misting Fan is a great way to cool off in the warmer weather. Outdoor Misting fans cool even better than mist line systems in many ways. Misting fans combine evaporative cooling which is "misting" and convective cooling which is moving the air. This creates a cooling effect up to 30 degrees. Misting fans let you direct the cooled air exactly where you want it to! This Misting Fan is easy to set up and use. All you need is an electric outlet and a water spigot to connect your water line. This Misting Fan comes complete with a mounting bracket. You are able to easily connect the nylon hose as it has a garden hose adaptor on one end of the nylon tubing. The other end connects to the stainless steel mist ring on the front of the fan. Anyone can do it! Get ready for the heat and order yours today!

    This Aeromist, Low Pressure, 18" Black Misting Fan (Model AM67018-RING+56402B+52430-140) features:

    • 1 - 18" Non Oscillating Fan with durable epoxy corrosion black finish and Industrial Grade Aluminum Blades

    • 3 Speed Control Completely sealed Outdoor Rated

    • Includes mounting bracket

    • Stainless Steel hardware/all metal construction

    • 1 - Stainless steel mist ring that accommodates 4 nozzles

    • 4 - AD Hex Series Nozzles .012 10/24

    • Pre-wired with a 12 FT 15 volt heavy duty cord

    • 25' Black Flexible Nylon Tubing for feed line

    • 3/8" compression to 3/8" female garden hose connector

    • 1 - Brass Male Adaptor 3/8" x 1/4"

    • 4 - 6" Zip Ties UV Treated

    • 5 - Coated Clamps 3/8"

    • 5 - Screws

    • 5 - Plasric Anchors

    • BONUS: 1 - Inline Calcium Inhibitor Filter

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