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AEROMIST 300 PSI Nylon Misting Systems Multi Lengths

    AEROMIST 300 PSI Nylon Misting Systems Multi Lengths

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    Product Description

    Aeromist Mid Pressure Flexible Nylon Misting Line System 300 PSI 10430

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    Stay cool and beat the heat with your own outdoor misting line system. These kits are easily do-it-yourself packages. A mid-pressure misting system reduces outdoor temperatures up to 25 degrees using only a few gallons of water an hour. They provide more cooling power with less wetness than a low-pressure system. This Mid-Pressure System with 3/8" Copper Mist Line and a 300 psi, Direct Drive Pump is customizable for any space. Just give us a call and we can create a misting package to suit the length and height of your outdoor space.

    A misting line system works best when it is installed around the perimeter of your outdoor living area, thus creating a wall of mist around that area, which then cools the space it surrounds. While high pressure 1000 psi systems work best because the high pressure produces fine particle of mist which evaporate more easily, thus reducing moisture in your living area, a 300 psi mid-pressure misting line system is a good choice for those who want to spend a bit less on the system.

    THE BASE 30 FOOT SYSTEM INCLUDES: (Use the Pull-Down Menu, Below the Price Above, to Choose System Length) (Additional lengths of system will add appropriate parts)

    • 300 PSI Mid-Pressure Enclosed Misting Pump WITH 5 MICRON Sediment Filter (52300-KH)

    • 1 - 50 ft. Roll High Pressure Brown Nylon Tubing (56401-1)

    • 14 - Nylon Tubing 24" 3/8" OD (56403)

    • 15 - 3/8" Push Lock Nozzle Union (52375)

    • 15 - Low Pressure Anti-Drip Nozzle, .012 10/24 (51423-LP)

    • 3 - 3/8" Push Lock Elbow (52376)

    • 1 - 3/8" Push Lock Tee (52377)

    • 2 - 3/8" Push Lock End Plug (52379)

    • 1 - Mini Tube Cutter (65186)

    • 25 - Rubber Clamps (56375)

    • 25 - Screws (52602)

    • 25 - Plastic Anchors (52603)


    • System can be expanded to 90 ft with 45 (.012) nozzles. (Use the Pull-Down Menu, Below the Price Above, to Choose System Length)

    • Pump Electrical Specs: 120 Volt, 50/60Hz

    • Pump Weight and Dimensions: 30 lbs; L 16" x W 9" x H 6.5"

    • Pump Is Totally Enclosed and Fan Cooled, with a 5 Micron Filter, Pressure Gauge, and Drain Valve

    • AEROMIST, Inc. warrants manufactured misting components to be free of defects in workmanship for five (5) years; direct drive pumps for one (1) year, and pulley driven pumps for one (1) year.

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