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Automatic Insect Control for Farm & Ranch

Automatic Insect Control for Farm & Ranch

Set it and forget it.
The Automist Automatic Insect Control System is on duty -
taking care of insects.

You can count on the Automist Insect Control System to provide years of dependable automatic service.

We manufacture our timers to combine reliability with easy of use. Customers often comment on our compact yet highly functional design. Adjustability is important! Thats why our timers can perform numerous cycles per day if necessary.
Remote Control

For those times when an extra cycle here or there are needed, our remote control option is handy. Wireless compact design. Push the button and a spray cycle starts. Especially usefull before outdoor activities, such as grilling.

Once installed and programmed, the Automist System automatically gives a synchronized spray that evenly distributes coverage of insecticide over an entire area during each timed spray duration.

To reduce spray costs and maximize effectiveness, your Automist system should be set to spray during times of peak insect activity with the least wind. Fortunately, those times normally coincide around dawn and dusk.

For occasions when the wind is blowing or it is raining at a preset spraying time, we offer optional wind and rain sensors to turn your system off and conserve spray.