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Replacement Bulbs for Infratech W & WD Heaters

    Replacement Bulbs for Infratech W & WD Heaters

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    REPLACEMENT Bulbs (Elements) for Infratech Electric Quartz Radiant Heaters

    Call for Pricing and Timely Availability! These are taking 12-16 weeks to ship 512-494-5450
    During Covid and Cooler Weather lots of people are moving outdoors and want to heat their spaces. Please call about this or any other heating item as many are on backorder. (Due to high shipping costs, we can no longer offer Free Shipping on this item). These are the replacement bulbs for Infratech W and WD Series Outdoor/Indoor Electric Quartz Radiant Heaters. They come Standard in 120 for 1500 Watt heaters only & 240 Volt on all other models. Most bulbs come in stock and can be shipped within a few days. If you have any questions about which bulb is right for your Infratech Heater, please give us a call 512-494-5450 and we can help! These bulbs are also offered in 208, 277 and 480 Volts, which are Special Order Bulbs and will take 12-16 weeks to ship.

    Bulbs for the following Heater Models:

    E1412 for W1512 - 1500 Watt/120 Volt Heater

    E1424 for W1524 or WD3024SS/240 Volt Heater

    E2024 for W2024 or WD4024SS/240 Volt Heater

    E2524 for W2524 or WD5024SS/240 Volt Heater

    E3024 for W3024 or WD6024SS/240 Volt Heater

    E4024 for W4024/240 Volt Heater only

    How to Replace an Infratech Heating Element - W and WD-Series


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