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Infratech SL1600BL Slim Line Shadow Outdoor Heater

    Infratech SL1600BL Slim Line Shadow Outdoor Heater

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    Product Description

    Infratech Slim Line Shadow 29.50" Outdoor Electric Heater SL1624BL 1,600 WATT 120 VOLT 13.3 AMPS

    Are you looking for a heater with a little sleeker, more modern look for your outdoor decor with a dark finish? Infratech's New "Black Shadow" Slim Line Outdoor Radiant Heater is just the heater for you. Slim Line heaters have crisp, modern styling with anodized aluminum housing, a "Matte Black" finish and a nice narrow profile. These heaters are available in 1600, 2400, 3000 and 4000 Watts and have one bulb per heater. The Slim Line is made for surface mounting and has a variable mounting bracket.

    Good Choices for Controls for this heater will be the INF20, a Variable Control used only for heaters up to and not exceeding 3000 Watts. Keep in mind that this control is VARIABLE and the heat will "pulse" to a certain temperature, and then "tick down", repeatedly. You may also use a simple on/off switch from your own source, much like a wall switch you use in your home. This is the only variation Infratech allows for these heaters.

    If you are selecting more than one Infratech Black Shadow Slim Line Heaters, you may use our Dual Duplex Switches. This switch comes in variations according to your need for weatherproof cover, or just in-wall with box and plate. (Please select the GREEN Link below to view pour Infratech Controls)

    •One INF20 Variable will control ONE 240 Volt Heater (this is not a constant, but "pulsing" control)

    •One 14-4300 will control 2 of the above heaters both at Full Power, or ONE OFF/ONE ON.

    •One 14-4305 will control 4 of the above heaters all at full power, or ONE ON, 2 ON, 3 ON or ALL ON.

    The 1600 Watt 240 Volt can be used with Solid State Controls, however these smaller wattage heaters are best for work spaces or garages.

    Link to See and Order Infratech Heater Controls.

    Infratech Slim Line "Black Shadow" Heater 3000 Watt Heater Specifications:

    - Recommended Mounting Height from 6' - 8'

    - Heating Coverage is approximately 5' x 5', slightly less in colder climates

    - Matte Black Finish

    - 1600 Watt Slim Line Heaters are 29.50" long

    - 6.7 AMPS each

    - Available in 240V, Special Order 208V & 277V


    INFRATECH SLIMLINE PRODUCT LITERATURE (select to open, then save or print)

    Infratech SL Series Instructions

    How to Replace An Infratech Heating Element - SL-Series

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