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Infratech SL1600SV Slim Line Outdoor Heater

    Infratech SL1600SV Slim Line Outdoor Heater

    Item#: SL1624SV
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    Product Description

    Infratech Slim Line Outdoor Heater 1600 Watt 240 Volt Heater SL1624SV

    Infratech Slimline Series Heaters are a great way to incorporate a crisp, modern styling to your outdoor area. These outdoor heaters have a sleeker more narrow profile are ideal for surface mount applications up to 10 feet. They feature a T-slot for flexible mounting options using the INCLUDED brackets. The Slimline Series Heaters come in Silver and Bronze and we offer them from 1600-4000 Watts. The SL-Series housing body and mounting brackets come standard in a stainless hue anodized aluminum finish and can also be ordered in bronze. (Please make your choice above in the Options) (If you chose Bronze, the face of the heaters will not be bronze, just the housing and the brackets). The difference in the Slimline and WD Series offered by Infratech is that the Slimline come in lower wattages, have a lower mounting height recommendation and offer a more modern, slimmer profile. So many homes now are leaning to a more modern look, so we decided to offer this great looking outdoor heater.

    SL1624 is a 29.50" Heater and covers 5' x 5' with a recommended 6' - 8' Mounting Height.

    •Good Control Choices for this Infratech Slim Line Heater are:

    -One #14-4200 Variable Control for this 240 Volt Heater. Keep in mind this is a "pulsing" control. The temperature does not remain constant but ticks up and down. THIS IS ONLY used for heaters up to 3000 Watts.

    -Another choice for this particular heater, since it has only one bulb, is a simple on/off switch like those used in your home. Infratech does not allow many variations for their product, but they will allow this type of switch.

    -to control 2 of these heaters choose #14-4300

    -to control 4 of these heaters choose #14-4305

    -You may also select these controls with weather proof protective covers.

    Please view them on our Parts & Accessories Page.


    Link to See and Order Infratech Heater Controls.

    INFRATECH PRODUCT LITERATURE (select to open, then save or print)

    Infratech SL Series Instructions

    How to Replace An Infratech Heating Element - SL-Series

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