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I hope that all of our Customers and Families are well and safe! If you are thinking about heating your outdoor space, now is the time to place an order! Heaters are going fast and furious with Covid and everyone is gathering more in the outdoors than ever before. If you are looking at heating your outdoor patio or space for the holidays, now would be a good time to place your order, and I can help if you need assistance deciding. Many heating items are OUT OF STOCK, please call for availability! Shipping is taking a bit longer because everyone is ordering and things are being shipped instead of people shopping on site. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. I always stay on top of orders and will let you know when I have tracking information. Fire Pits that are personalized used to take 3 days to ship and now it is taking 10 days, sometimes more! They are literally cutting and designing 100 fire pits a day!

Everyone seems to be home more and making their spaces even more enjoyable! Fire Pits from Patina are our best seller! We have so many more images, with over 200, we can find one to fit your liking! Take care ..Be Well!

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