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Infratech Slim Line Heater Replacement Bulbs Only

    Infratech Slim Line Heater Replacement Bulbs Only

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    REPLACEMENT Bulbs (Elements) for Infratech Electric Quartz SlimLine & Black Shadow Radiant Outdoor Heaters

    3-4 days to Ship! These are the replacement bulbs for Infratech Slim Line and Black Shadow Series Outdoor/Indoor Electric Quartz Radiant Heaters. They come Standard in 120 for 1500 Watt heaters only & 240 Volt on all other models with ONE BULB per heater. Most bulbs stay in stock with exception of the lower watt bulbs, and can be shipped within a few days. If you have any questions about which bulb is right for your Infratech Heater, please give us a call 512-494-5450 and we can help! These bulbs are also offered in 208 which are Special Order Bulbs and may take up to 2 weeks to ship.

    Replacement Bulbs for the following Slim Line & Black Shadow Heater Models:

    SL1612 - 1600 Watt/120 Volt Heater - USES E1612SL BULB

    SL1624 - 1600 Watt/240 Volt Heater - USES E1624SL BULB

    SL2424 - 2,400 Watt/240 Volt Heater - USES E2424SL BULB

    SL3024 - 3,000 Watt/240 Volt Heater - USES E3024SL BULB

    SL4024 - 4,000/240 Volt Heater - USES E4024SL BULB

    How to Replace An Infratech Heating Element - SL-Series


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